The Advantages of Electronic Cigarettes In The UK

Are we tired of dying? I loved writing that but not as much as I did watching a seminar by that same name. The seminar that I saw was about the effects of smoking cigarettes over a lifetime. All I can tell you is that smoking is one of the dumbest things you can do. Are electronic cigarettes any better? It really depends on how you define better. The first thing we have to look at is the short time that electronic cigarettes have been available in the UK and how there aren’t any long-term studies.

What we can say about electronic cigarettes is that they are less carcinogenic that smoking a traditional cigarette. Why is this so? Traditional cigarettes are burned and this causes tar and other lung, throat and mouth causing cancers to develop. You simply don’t have this with an electronic cigarettes. From this, we might be able to extrapolate that electronic cigarettes do not cause the same type of cancers that traditional cigarettes cause but still we do not have any such data, just logic leaps, a bit of commonsense but not studies on the subject just yet, hopefully soon.


People smoke for nicotine and that is what electronic cigarettes give you but without the tar of burning a cigarette and putting nasty smoke into your body and without smelling like the tail end of an automobile. This is a good thing but far from perfect. Many cigarette smokes die from heart attack, stroke and hypertension caused by nicotine. We still get nicotine with electronic cigarettes so we are still at risk for all the things that nicotine causes. But this is still a much better option than smoking a cigarette. We are being as realistic as possible here.

What do we conclusively know? We know that an electronic cigarette are fairly new and there aren’t enough studies on their long term use to really say what the long term effects of using them arm. We can say that since they do not produce smoke or tar that they might not cause the cancers that are associated with smoking a cigarette. We can also say that they provide nicotine and with that comes all the issues that nicotine is known to cause for people. From here, you should be able to make a rational decision when it comes to electronic cigarettes.