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Reasons To Choose E Cigarettes Over Traditional Cigarettes

E cigarettes are a fun alternative to traditional smoking. These electronic devices allow the user to continue their nicotine intake without inhaling traditional fumes and smoke. In addition they often allow the user to add flavors to their smoking.

Choosing the right e cigarette setup for yourself can be challenging. One of the biggest questions is if you want a rechargeable system or a disposable one. Once you have made this choice there is a large number of brands to choose from. Almost every brand will have similar offerings.

Rechargeable e cigarettes offer the best value for your money. Often these will be well under $100 meaning a pack a day smoker can see savings within the first week or less. They also tend to offer the most customization options as well.

Disposable e cigs are an easy way to get your nicotine fix without worrying about refills. These last much longer than a traditional cigarette. They last longer than a carton. More than a month of use is not uncommon with these devices. For this reason they also save you money over traditional cigarettes.

When using a disposable cigarette the flavoring will usually already be included. This means if you want different flavors you will have to buy different devices. Because you have to turn them on you can have several at one time allowing you to switch flavors.

With refillable e-cigs, flavors usually come in a bottle. These liquids, known as e-liquids, contain everything you need to refill your cigarette. In this way you can change the flavor or type of smoke you are consuming. This option is particularly attractive if you smoke for weight loss or fun.

Rechargeable e cigs do need to be charged. Often this can be done overnight or in-between smoking sessions. A week or more of use without having to be charged is rather common. For this reason you don’t really need to worry about them running out when you most need them. Unlike a cell phone or other portable electronic they are quite long lasting.

Choosing to switch to an electron cigarette can make your smoking time more fun. With a variety of flavors, styles, and styles of use, these devices allow for true customization of your experience. In addition they offer great savings giving you the ability to truly enjoy your smoking time without worrying.